Garage Door Removal

There comes a time when your garage door is no longer as effective as it was years ago in keeping your garage and everything in it safe and secure. Some of its parts are either falling off, damaged or broken. All of these can contribute to the vulnerability of your garage against intruders, defeating the purpose of protecting your valuables and vehicles which is its primary role.

It is about time that you get rid of your existing garage door and replace it with a new one when this happens. However, removing the door is as complicated as the installation process. Apart from the intricate process, one’s safety can be put at risk while doing the job. So instead of being faced with the challenges and dangers of removing their garage doors on their own, many homeowners consider hiring professionals to perform the job for them.

If you are faced with the same problem, such as when your garage door has been damaged due to a recent storm or when it is lacking the style that would compliment your home, a professional garage company such as Garage Guru can help you achieve a fully functional and trendy garage door.

How Garage Guru Removes an Old Garage Door

The best part about hiring a professional to remove your old door is that it spares you from having to go to the store on your own to buy the materials and tools that you need to accomplish the job. The professionals can do it for you and can even recommend you of the best varieties that would suit your needs best, saving you a significant amount of time and effort.

Garage Guru will not only remove your old garage door for you. They can also help you replace it with a new one through their expertise in dealing with various types of garage doors and their access to the best brands of garage door parts in the market.

They work efficiently and expertly in the garage door removal process. Here is how they do it.

Removal of Extension

When opening the garage door completely, the tension on the extension spring part tends to disappear. Garage guru professionals have to completely open the door and use locking pliers or clamps in order to lock its position and prevent the door from closing. After which, they proceed with releasing the cables and removal of the springs. The doors can be shut close when this is done. Next, they will remove the door panels and start on one that is found at the top.

Sounds simple, right? But homeowners are not recommended to do the process on their own. For added safety, getting the help of professionals who know exactly every step of the process is a great idea. Garage doors are heavy, especially after you had the springs removed. You never want to hurt yourself during the course of the door removal and having experts around can assure you of a safer removing of an old garage door.

Removing the Torsion Springs

The process of removing the torsion springs is not only lengthy, but dangerous as well and it takes a whole lot of expertise not only in working with the garage door itself but in the use of the right tools and materials.
It begins by locking the door in a closed position using clamps, locking pliers or regular door locks. The spring shaft leaning against the wall can be blocked with locking pliers. A single winding bar will be inserted into the winding cone hole. This needs to be firmly held towards the top to loosen the screws.

This will cause the tension in the spring to transfer into the winding bar which needs to be tightened securely to prevent any sudden release. The other winding bar can be inserted at the hole located at the top right after the springs were allowed to unwind into. This is followed by the removal of the bottom one once the top has been properly inserted and held in place.
The experts will do the same on the other tension springs until they are all removed. Then the cables will be released and the locking tools can be removed. The door panels can be disengaged next, starting with the top.

These key steps in removing an old garage door can be quite complicated that it involves the presence of mind to ensure safety. The first rule in any housework, especially in your garage is safety first. If you are unsure of managing it or if you do not have the appropriate tools and equipment, you can always hire a professional like Garage Guru to do the job for you.

Dangers of Removing an Old Garage Door Yourself

In this day and age of DIY projects, a lot of homeowners are looking for ways to be able to perform some repairs on their own, in the hope of saving some cash. But there are some home projects that involve some risks, much more complicated to perform on their own and are better off left in the hands of professionals. This is true especially with removing and repairing garage doors.

While you may find those video tutorials online to be a helpful tool in getting you through your home project, tasks that are quite complex to handle should not be considered a DIY project. Instead of trying to save money, you will only end up spending more or putting your safety at risk.
Here are the dangers of removing an old garage on your own and why you should not attempt to DIY this type of home repair.

You might only make the situation worse

Just when you thought you are doing things, you found out that some components of your garage door were not correctly removed. It is easy to avoid instances like this and that is by hiring professionals like Garage Guru. Their vast experience in the industry allowed them to see problems that were initially easy to address but became costly to repair. Garage door repair is no easy task and should not be done without the right expertise and knowledge of the process. In addition to expensive repairs, it can also increase the risk of causing yourself harm or damaging the things that are inside your garage.

You might not have the right set of tools

One of the most common problems that people are faced with when attempting to remove their garage doors is they do not have the right tools for the job. Garage door removal requires specific tools that you might not have in your toolbox. That is something that experts such as Garage Guru has—the right and a complete set of tools that will enable them to perform their job safely and efficiently.

You might put yourself at the risk of falling

Garage removal and repairs usually require working close to the ceiling. If you do not possess the right training and equipment, you might lose your balance, fall on the ground and hurt yourself or injure someone nearby. You don’t have to be in this kind of unfortunate situation by hiring professional garage door removal services.

You might seriously injure yourself or other people

Extension and torsion systems are the two most common spring systems for garage doors and they can be dangerous during repairs. Attaching the springs into their respective positions are quite complicated than you might think. It is important that you have the right understanding of each spring to avoid causing any injury to yourself or to others and to ensure that you are getting the right springs that you need.

You might cause the garage door to collapse improperly

The danger with door removal comes from the incorrect disconnection of its restraints, causing it to collapse the wrong way. When this happens, the garage door will fall off the track and may cause serious damage to yourself, your vehicles or other structures in your garage. A professional garage door removal service knows the right precautions to follow in order for the garage door to be removed correctly, avoiding it to collapse or get more damaged.

Why Garage Guru

If you are having a problem with your current garage door, Garage Guru won’t recommend you to do this dangerous job on your own. They care about your garage doors the way that you do. Their expertise is derived from their years of experience working with different types of garage doors which give you guarantee that they can provide an excellent solution for any garage problem you might be having at the moment.

They provide a wide range of same-day garage door service—repair, removal, replacement, and maintenance, so you don’t have to wait for long to get your garage door examined and repaired. For all your garage needs, Garage Guru services the entire San Antonio area and its neighboring towns. Contact them today for a free estimate and for recommendations of the best solutions to suit you.