Garage Door Openers

When it comes to garage doors installation, it is highly important to ensure that all of its components are of the right kind and are compatible with each other. This is true especially with garage door openers that come in multiple types and options, from belt-drive to chain driven varieties as well as those that are Smartphone app operated and equipped with more advanced technologies.

In order to match the unique and specific requirements of consumers, today’s market offers different types of garage door openers. When buying this particular component for your garage door, you have to be aware how much horsepower you need, what extension kits are available, what its safety features are and how to install them.

Available Horsepower for your Garage Door Openers

How much horsepower you need may vary, depending on the heaviness and size of your garage door. You also have to consider the speed at which the garage door opens and close when deciding on the horsepower of the opener. Many experts recommend going for garage door openers that are quite overpowered, rather than the underpowered type.

Here are the different horsepower ratings available for garage doors.
1/2 HP – This is known as the most well-known power rating for garage door openers and is generally suitable for all kinds of garage doors.
2/3 HP – This power is perfect for operating heftier garage doors and are longer lasting compared to the 1/2 HP motors. In addition, they are much more efficient and can open garage doors faster.

1 HP – Garage with solid wood or oversize garage doors may find this power to be a suitable option due to its reliable power and efficiency speed and ratio.

When to Use a Garage Door Extension Kit

Some garage doors tend to be larger than the standard door height. This does not have to be something to get worried about as there are garage door extension kits that are designed to accommodate taller doors. The standard door height is 7 feet so if your garage door is taller than this size, you may need to purchase an extension kit to be able to accommodate the height of your door.

Types of Garage Door Opener Drive Systems

Essentially, there are three types of drive systems for garage doors available on the market, catering to the different needs of homeowners.

Chain Driven – This is known as the cheapest and most common type of garage door opener drive system. The garage door can be moved up and down through the chain which rides on a sprocket. The problem with this variety of garage door opener is that it can be noisy and demands periodic maintenance for a consistent smooth operation. But the upkeep is quite easy and can be handled by anyone.

Belt Driven – This type of garage door opener utilizes rubber belts to open the door and tends to be less noisy to operate. Because the belt is made of rubber, vibration or noise created due to contact between metals is reduced, if not eliminated. This can also help in increasing the lifespan of your garage door openers.

The only drawback to this is that it is quite expensive.

Screw Driven – If you aim to have a quiet garage door, this type of opener is the best choice for you. Compared to the former garage door systems, this type of opener has much less moving components and use a threaded rod in opening and closing mechanism of your garage door.

One thing you will also love about screw driven garage door opener system is they have fewer moving parts and are relatively low-maintenance. The downside is that closing or opening the garage door tends to be slow, something that the quiet operation compensates for.

Commercial and Residential Garage Door Opener Installation

Do-it-yourself or hire a professional?
Installing the garage door opener is not that complicated but one needs to possess basic handyman skills and tools such as a socket wrench, screwdriver, and a ladder. But due to the risks that working with garage door involves, it is best to find a professional who can help you out, especially when lifting the opener unit onto the garage ceiling and mounting it there.

It is also a good thing that you consider the time it will take to accomplish the job if you were to do it. Typically, installing a garage door opener would take about four to six hours to complete.

If the little amount of money that you can save from the labor is not worth it or if you do not have both the skills and time to install the garage door opener on your own, you can always tap the help of professionals like Garage Guru to safely and efficiently perform the installation process for you. The cost of installing a garage door opener may vary, depending on the size of the garage door and on your other requirements.

Fortunately, there are various options offered in the market when it comes to replacing or installing a new garage door opener. They come in different horsepower levels, innovations and safety features that may make choosing the best opener a bit tough and confusing. But by comparing each of their features, pros and cons, you will definitely find it easier to determine one that suits your needs and preferences best.

Buying the Right Garage Door Opener

There are a number of factors that must be considered before deciding on which garage door opener system to buy. Garage door openers are available in various sizes and styles and to make sure that you are getting the right product, first, you have to check the features that each type has and see if they match your needs.

Determine the power your garage door requires

You can choose from among the 1/2, 2/3 and 1 horsepower levels. To understand which level is the right one for you, take into account the size and material of the garage door. Do you need an opener to lift single or double doors? If you looking to get an opener for double doors, experts recommend at least 1/2 horsepower while large, oversized and heavy doors may need up to 1 horsepower.

Identify the correct drive system for your garage door opener

As mentioned above, there are three main types of garage door opener systems namely the chain, belt, and screw drives. You can decide from among these drives depending on the noise levels and performance you want to achieve.

Consider your features and speed requirements

There are models that have slow operating speed but the average door opener can open at seven inches per second.

Decide on how you want the garage door opener to be installed

Can you handle the installation process on your own? Or will hire a professional garage door service works best for you? There are many garage door professionals such as Garage Guru that are reliable in addressing any garage door issues and can facilitate on your garage door repair and maintenance.

Look for the best garage door opener providers in your area

One of the advantages of hiring a professional garage door service to install your garage door opener for you is that they are actually dealers of high quality and affordable garage door opener systems and parts. Garage Guru, for instance, is a dealer of garage doors and parts from popular and renowned brands in San Antonio, Texas. They will let you see the different brands and models available that best meet your requirements.

Make a comparison of the features and prices of the openers you are interested in buying

This makes it possible for you to learn more about their individual advantages and what separates them apart from each other.

Check on the offered warranty

Ideally, you should prefer a garage door opener that has a longer warranty term which also covers the other garage door parts.

Ultimately, buy the opener that suits your budget and satisfies your needs

There is no use in getting the cheapest drivers out there if it cannot meet your other requirements. Your choice should be a balance between the price and the features that you are looking for.

Garage Guru Can Help You Decide Which Garage Door Opener to Get

Can’t make up your mind on the right garage door opener to get? Garage Guru provides clients with helpful insights on the different garage door openers being offered in the market today so that at the end of the day, they can make the right decision and can acquire the garage door that works well for their homes.