Garage Door Installation

Almost every household has a garage for storing their vehicles and other belongings. However, not everyone has durable and sturdy garage doors. Your garage deserves to have well-installed and high-quality doors, instead of just any door. After all, they play a very important role in keeping your valuables safe.

Investing in a new garage door installation can be a great way to improve the protection, safety, aesthetics as well as energy efficiency that it can provide to your home. It is going to be a sound investment, given the increased x value that it can add to your home and the peace of mind that it will give you, whether you are inside your property or away for a vacation.

New Garage Door Installation

Whether your garage door has been recently damaged due to a storm or you simply want to replace it with a new one, new garage door installation can offer your home with multiple benefits, beyond improving its appearance. Today’s garage doors are equipped with more advanced features that are designed to increase their efficiency and reliability in keeping your home safe while giving its look a boost.

Garage doors can make a difference in the safety, protection and energy efficiency of your home. You should not hesitate to make new investment if it could mean getting more benefits than just having a safe storage for your vehicles.

Here are some of the benefits that new garage doors installation can give you:


You never want to compromise the safety of your family, belongings and your entire home by having a broken or old garage door. Your old door may have been dependable in the past years, but as time goes by, the protection they can give you tends to reduce, even with regular maintenance especially when they have been around for quite a while.
Installing a new garage door is surely a costly undertaking, but think of it as an investment that can benefit you in the years to come. It keeps you from worrying about how safe your family or your valuables will be when you are away from your home.


There are many things that could invade your property when your garage door has cracks or when some of its parts start to loosen. Apart from pests and insects that can penetrate through tiny fissures, intruders who might have interest in your belongings are also given easy access with broken garage doors.
Replacing your old door with a new one can provide ample protection to your garage and the contents in it. A new garage door can safeguard your property better.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most admirable features with today’s garage doors is they come with insulated versions which can contribute to the warmth of your garage during winter and coolness during summer. This works by expelling the exterior air. This is highly important because when there is a huge difference in the temperature between your home and your garage, it will require a great deal of energy just to keep your entire home comfortable. Such a problem can be easily avoided with the installation of new garage doors.
In addition to knowing the benefits of a new garage door, it is also essential that you explore the different options of garage doors available to you.

Manual and Automatic Garage Doors

As a homeowner, you probably have tried installing doors in your home. While the job is easy, installing garage doors is a way difficult task, whether it is a manual or automatic type. Aside from the challenge that comes with the process, installing garage doors involves some dangers, too, particularly if you are not so adept in this type of house project.

When you are deciding between automatic garage doors and manually operated garage doors, it is important that you research in advance about the pros and cons that each type has. Whether you are replacing an old or broken garage door and want to have a brand new looking garage or you simply want to change a perfectly fine garage door to complement with the modern style of your home, automatic and manual doors can accommodate such requirements, depending on your needs, lifestyle and budget.

 Automatic Garage Doors

The type of garage door that has been gaining tremendous popularity in today’s market is the automatic garage door. It is highly preferred by residential and commercial property owners of the convenience that they offer. The door will open and close with just one press of the remote control so there is no need to manually lift or pull down the door. Another benefit of automatic garage doors is that they can be customized and can add aesthetic curb to your property.

These doors are equipped with automatic garage door opener that is attached to the ceiling and works through a remote control. However, not all households are electric-powered. For this reason, some homes would still prefer using manual doors.

Manual Garage Doors

If the pull-down mechanism works fine with you, you don’t have to make a switch from manual to automatic garage doors. These doors are easier to operate and more straightforward which means opening or closing them can be fast.

Cost-wise, manual doors are also cheap because of their less complex design. This is a perfect option for homeowners who are trying to work on a budget. You don’t need to rely on power in order for the door to operate. In case of power outage, it still works, unlike the automatic garage doors which tend to be a bit heavy to lift.
You can upgrade your manual doors into the automatic model type in the future if you want to.

Which is better, an automatic or manual garage door? The decision boils down to the safety and convenience that you are looking to get. If you do not like the idea of getting out of your car every time you enter or leave your garage, you should definitely go for an automatic garage door. It can be a hassle when you are in a hurry. Also, it can be potentially dangerous. You can injure your back while you pull the door up and down.

Most of the automatic garage doors have additional safety component features such as the sensor which can detect if there is someone near the door. Automatic doors are generally safer, faster and easier to manage. It is no wonder why many homeowners would prefer them over manual garage doors.

Garage Guru for All your Garage Door Needs

When you want your garage doors to be long lasting and durable, you should not just pay attention to the materials and components that your garage door will be comprised of. Another key to a robust garage door is the proper and correct installation and maintenance technique.

When installed the right way, your garage doors will not only be performing smoothly throughout its lifetime, it will also keep adding value into your home. That is why you should not just trust any garage door service company. It is best to go with one that has been around in the industry, providing an excellent level of garage door services at reasonable rates.

Garage Guru can be your great partner as far as installing and keeping your garage door in good condition is a concern. They offer repair and maintenance services within San Antonio, Texas and other neighboring towns and cities. Their services are available 24/7 which means that if your garage door malfunctions at odd hours of the night, you need not t wait in the morning to get it fixed. Garage Guru can come to your doorsteps and perform the necessary garage door repair so you can get back to using your garage in no time.

Garage Guru is your Authorized Dealer of Lift Master

If you have been shopping for garage door parts and systems, you probably have encountered LiftMaster countless times. They are trusted in reliability and quality when it comes to your garage door parts. Garage Guru is an authorized LiftMaster dealer which means the parts that it uses in the installation, maintenance or repair of your garage doors are always of the finest quality. They are guaranteed to be durable and highly efficient in keeping your garage doors at their best state.

Whether you opt for a manually operated or a modern garage door, Garage Guru can help you achieve a beautiful looking garage door without compromising its quality. You may visit their website for all of their other garage door services and to understand further why choosing them for your garage needs is the best thing that you will ever do for your home.