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Garage Guru is your expert provider for all your garage needs. Whether for your home or commercial property, they can offer you with the help that you need to achieve that perfect looking garage while ensuring that it is capable of providing safety to your vehicle against all the elements outside.  

As a local, family owned and operated business, Garage Guru understands how vital having a well-built and secure garage is and that is what we will exactly give you. They give you the freedom to make choices for your garage project and at the same time offer professional recommendations that they believe to be the best solution for you.

Our company has been serving the San Antonio area with exceptional customer service and reasonable pricing. We guarantee that the jobs of installing, repairing or maintaining your garage are performed by their in-house trained technicians and workers, instead of using subcontractors.


The Services We Offer:

  • Garage Door Installation
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Maintenance
  • Trained and Certified Staff
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Fast and Professional Service


Why Make Us Your Choice for your Garage Needs

Garage Guru gives great value for your money! We offer a lifetime parts replacement warranty on any part you purchase and install from us!  We can install the parts you purchased from another vendor, however the warranty on the install is for 30 days, and the parts warranty is that from where you purchased it.  

More importantly, Garage Guru is your best choice because they treat your garage as if it is theirs.


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Why You Might Need a Garage Door Repair

Over time, some parts of your garage door will wear out and a repair or replacement may become necessary. Here are some of the most basic parts of your garage that you will have to repair or replace through time.

  • Rollers – While they are not the most common parts that get damaged, rollers riding in the door tracks are known to get broken eventually. Both sides of the door usually have a steel track which guides the door while moving downwards and upwards. The track is where the rollers ride and this may cause the bearings to wear out.


  • Cables – Another part of your garage door that is subject to wear and tear is the cables. It is important that the cables are replaced right away when they start manifesting signs of wearing. The cables have a lot of tension since they connect the springs of the garage door. The moment the cable wears, it gets broken eventually.


  • Cable drums – If this part of the garage door gets damage, it may trigger further problems on the capable riding on them. When they wear out, it becomes difficult to open and close the door. The damage is usually at the center of the hole which triggers the problem. When the cable drums get damaged, the cable must be checked for some problems as well.


  • Other parts – Depending on the usage, the climate in your area and other related factors, the longevity of the garage door parts tend to vary. For this reason, it is important that all the parts of your garage doors are being inspected on a regular basis, in order to prevent the problems and to avoid costly repairs and replacement. The parts that need to be checked include the hinges, track, spring fittings, top and bottom brackets, jamb brackets and the torsion or extension springs.


Why It’s Never a Good Idea to Repair your Garage Opener on your Own

DIY is such a huge trend. It is something most of us are striving to do, in the pursuit of saving some time and money and being proud of something that we are able to accomplish without the help of professionals. But there are some repairs that should not be handled in a DIY approach. One of which is garage door repairs, which come with some risks to your safety. Here are the reasons why it is never a good idea to DIY your garage door repairs.

  1. Torsion springs can be critically hazardous – The torsion and extension systems are two types of spring systems in your garage door. Although the torsion is the most widely used type, it can be potentially dangerous to repair or maintain. When the spring is compromised, the cable will break and could hit you in the face or other parts of your body.
  2. You might aggravate the damage – Instead of trying to save money and time on your DIY garage repair door project, you could actually be further damage to the door which will result into more expensive problems.
  3. Falls won’t only damage your vehicle but may put you in extreme danger – When you are fixing garage door problems, you are subjecting yourself to great danger. Avoiding situations such as this is a must.
  4. Incorrect tools – Using the incorrect type of tools for your garage door repair project will not only increase the chances of creating more damage to the door, you could also get injured during the process.
  5. Garage door falling – Garage doors are especially heavy, that losing control over it could lead to injury and damage to your vehicle.
  6. Getting the wrong parts – If you purchase the wrong replacement parts, your garage door may not work the way it normally does. Some garage doors have specific requirements when it comes to its parts and that’s something that must be taken into account when trying to replace some damaged parts.
  7. You could not be seeing the real problem of your garage door – A good amount of time is needed in order to study the mechanism of garage doors, to determine which of its parts is damaged. If you fail to do your homework, you could be addressing the wrong issue which will then cost you money and time, or worse, could trigger other problems to occur.

DIY is a good thing. But remember that not all repair projects should be done on your own. Getting the help of professionals such as Garage Guru will ensure you of a smooth, safe, and efficient garage door repair process.


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Garage door problems can take you by surprise. Get help right when you need it! Garage Guru is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide emergency service, anywhere in San Antonio and its neighboring towns.


Serving the People of San Antonio

Garage Guru is located in San Antonio and making their garage repair services available not only in the area but in its neighboring towns and cities in Texas. Their technicians can come right at your doorsteps to give you reliable and professional solutions. You can always count on their services, no matter where you are in San Antonio and no matter what time of the day!

San Antonio is one of the most populous cities in Texas and is the oldest municipality of the state. As the city experienced rapid growth in the recent years, its residents and businesses stayed abreast of a more improved living and working condition. In 2000-2010, San Antonio was one of the ten fastest growing largest cities in the entire United States. The Greater San Antonio has a total population of 2, 473,974 in 2017.

San Antonio’s central area is socially, economically and culturally well diverse. Downtown San Antonio is its metropolitan and urban hub, includes most of the popular attractions, businesses, and structures of the city. Tourists from all over the country and the world can’t afford to miss visiting the Downtown. Some of the attractions that keep people coming back in the city include the River Walk, the Alamo, Market Square, Tower of the Americas, St. Paul Square, the Pearl Brewery, the Shops at River Center and the Alamodome.

The neighborhoods of San Antonio consist of the Downtown area, North Central, Northwest Side, South Side and East Side. The climate in the city is humid subtropical which features a very hot, humid and long summer to mild to cool winters. It experiences northern cold fronts during winters with cool to cold nights. Spring and fall are characterized by rainy and warm.


Garage Guru – Your Reliable Garage Service Provider in San Antonio

If you are looking to receive professional garage service anywhere in San Antonio, you can never go wrong with Garage Guru. They take pride in their expertise in working with all types of garage doors, matched with their years of experience in the business and the skillfulness of their professional and trained technicians and workers.