Garage Door Remotes

Garage door remotes have become a great tool for people who want to make their lives easier. It is used to open the garage door opener automatically, with just a few presses of the button. Using a remote control, you don’t have to get out of the car to open or shut the garage door. You can do all these inside your car or when you are in a distant. It is an effortless way of parking your vehicle or getting it out of the garage.

Garage door remotes are available in different types, sizes, and styles. They usually come with a single for switching the opener on or closing it down. There are remotes that feature multiple buttons, providing you with other options such as the ability to choose a specific speed for opening or if you want to turn on the lights in your garage from inside your car. If you have several garage door and openers, each remote button, sending a signal to a certain door opener in order to activate it. You can also find a remote that has keypads which enable punching a confirmation code before the door opens.

Because there is a wide range of remote for garage doors available in the market, you should not choose just any model or brand. For your garage door remote needs, it is important to always consult the experts on the best brand of remote control.

Garage Guru Uses Lift Master Universal Remotes

Garage Guru swears by the quality in its garage remote as it uses LiftMaster Universal remote that works with most brands of garage doors. LiftMaster is a renowned brand of universal remotes that are highly durable and long lasting. Their quality exceeds the rest of the universal remotes available on the market so you can always count on their performance.

Lift Master offers a wide range of universal garage door opener remote that you can choose from to match your lifestyle while giving you full control over your garage door opener. They are compatible with 90 percent of residential and commercial garage doors.

Why Your Garage Door Opener Should be in Its Best Condition

In order for your garage to be reliable in the convenience and protection that it can provide to you and your home, you also need to ensure that your garage door opener is in their outstanding condition. As a garage owner, you need to pay careful attention to some signs that could indicate a damaged garage door opener.

How to Know if your Garage Door Opener is Bad

When you start to notice some changes on the performance of your garage door opener, you would immediately conclude that you will need to replace it with a new one. But taking a closer look at your door and seeing any tell-tale signs of damage can be a great way to determine if there is a need for a replacement or if a few tweaks would do the trick.
Here are some signs of a bad garage door opener.

If the door won’t close or open properly

This is a sure sign of a garage door opener problem. But how can you be sure if a replacement is the best solution to the problem? First off, press the remote button or the wall unit and notice if the door budges slightly. If not, then there is a good chance that the opener is not working properly.

While the garage door opener is broken, your garage door may still be in a good condition but in order for it to work well, the opener must be replaced. Another factor contributing to the malfunctioning of the open and close mechanism is when the door is not connected properly to the opener. This could mean a problem if the door opener is working but the door does not budge.

Damaged or warped tracks is another reason for your garage door to stop working properly. It could also be because the opener is old or outdated and needs replacement. A garage door professional can examine your garage door system and inform you of the components that need to be replaced.

If the door is stuck when you open it

When this happens, you should not waste any more time ignoring the problem. Most of the home invasions occurring in the country are due to damaged doors. It should be given immediate and quick attention if you do not want to be confronted with such problems.
There are reasons why garage doors could get stuck in the open position and one of which is a faulty garage door opener. If the door is lifted up and the opener malfunctions, it will be difficult to close the door properly. You could be putting yourself or other people nearby in a dangerous situation because they could close without any warning. Garage doors that suddenly close may result in injury or damage to properties.

If the door does not stay closed

When attempting to close the door but it opens immediately instead, the problem could be in the broken garage door opener. It could also be due to it installed safety feature such as the photo eye. When this part is not aligned properly or filled with dust, it will prevent your door from closing. The best way to deal with this is to look for a professional garage door service like Garage Guru that can examine the photo eye and determine if repairing or replacing it would be necessary.

The door opener creates a loud and annoying noise

Have you noticed an unusual and strange sound that your garage door opener makes every time you close or open it? If so, then the opener is more likely damaged. Old garage door, for instance, create a much louder sound. In this case, a repair or replacement needs to be performed.
This is another problem that a professional garage door service can help you with.

You have an outdated garage door opener

Experts recommend replacing garage door openers every fifteen years, most especially when you are starting to experience some technical issues.

Troubleshooting a Problematic Garage Door Opener

When the time comes that your garage door opener becomes problematic and less reliable in its performance, troubleshooting the issue on your own is not only dangerous. It can also put the rest of your garage door at risk, especially when you are unsure of what you are doing.

Instead of saving yourself some money as you have to be doing the job on your own, you are likely to end up spending more in case you cause other garage door parts to break in the process. In addition, you could be putting yourself or anyone nearby in tremendous danger. Instead of getting the solution that you need, you could be jeopardizing your vehicle and other valuables, as well as yourself and your entire garage door system.

The best thing that you can do is to look for garage door experts who have the experience and the right tools to get the job done safely. You will notice a big difference in the overall result and you will save yourself more time as well.

What to Do when Garage Door Opener Experiences Performance Issues

If your garage door opener experiences the above issues, it is about time that you contact Garage Guru, your local garage door repair company in San Antonio, Texas. You should not make the final decision of purchasing a new one, right away. It is possible that the door only needs a few tweaks or some of its parts need replacement which can cost you lower than if you were to actually get a new one.

Garage Guru is more than pleased to provide you with consultation and advice on the best solutions for your garage door opener needs. You will be informed of the current condition of your garage door system and what the most cost-effective means of fixing it. All of these are being performed by trained and experienced professionals, who possess vast knowledge in all garage door works.

So if you ever need to find a new garage door opener or your existing garage door needs some fixing in order for it to be back on track in its performance, all you need to do is contact Garage Guru. They offer a wide selection of garage door openers and remote controls from trusted names in the industry.
They completely understand the risk that comes with having a broken garage door and so they will do the best they can to repair or replace your door as soon as possible. Their garage door service is one of the best that you can find in San Antonio.