San Antonio Zoo, San Antonio

San Antonio is home to the San Antonio Zoo that hosts over 3500 animals in over 750 species from all over the world. The zoo is set on 56 acres of land of which 35 acres are public pathways. Besides the animals, there are also many different experiences to enjoy at the zoo.

You can take a ride in the Zoo train or enjoy the zootennial carousel with 60 beautiful hand painted animals. There is also the Butterfly Caterpillar flight school where you can enjoy a scenic butterfly garden with hundreds of butterflies if not more flying freely around you.

The Park Area

The zoo can be divided into the Park Area and the exhibit area. The park area is home to many animals and is also divided into different portions holding different species of animals. At the entry point, you are met by the beautiful red flamingoes, red ruffed lemurs, and black and white lemurs. Then you progress to the bear corner.

Here, you’ll find three species of bears: the sun bear, spectacled bear and black bear. Further inside, your adventure takes you to the cat grotto, home to small species of cats such as caracal, clouded leopard and black-footed cat.

The Gibbon forest is home to gibbon monkeys and has many ropes and vines for the gibbons to play and move with. Savanna is home to giraffes, zebras and birds while at the African plains there are the rhinos, footstock and storks. Your visit at the zoo can never be complete without seeing the big cats.

At the Big Cat Valley you will see the lions. The Amazonia is home to more than 30 species of animals, including jaguars, ocelots, fish, birds and tropical plants.

The Exhibit Area

The zoo has different exhibits, including the Africa live, Friedrich Aquarium, Reptile house, and Toadally. At the aquarium, you will enjoy to see a wide variety of fresh water and salt water sea animals. It was opened in 1948 and is a favorite of many visitors in the farm.

Africa Live is an exhibit of the African animals such as the African wild dog, Columbus monkey and you also get an underwater view of a hippo and Nile Crocodiles. If you love reptiles, you will be thrilled by the reptile house. Here you can see and learn about various reptiles, including snakes, turtles and lizards of different kinds.

Children Fun Areas and Activities

A visit by your children under five, to the San Antonio Zoo is made even more memorable at the nature spot and the Fun Farm. At the nature spot, they can play and explore as they climb, crawl, play with water, run and do many other fun activities.

This exhibit for kids won the Significant Achievement Awards for Exhibits from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for being one of the most interactive and fun exhibits for kids in the entire country. The fun farm gives your kids the opportunity to learn about goats, chicken and pigs and even how to keep them as pets.

The San Antonio Zoo provides a complete family fun day and learning environment. If you are not feeding the giraffes or riding on the train, you will probably be in the park or the exhibits enjoying one of your favorite animals because there are so many species you will not miss your favorite.

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